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ArtCentrica gives teachers and students the opportunity to study art in all its detail, including thematic exploration, whether in the classroom or in remote mode.

An elemental goal is the need to integrate technical-scientific knowledge with humanistic studies to fill the gap between EdTech and Art, as well as to improve students’ soft skills and increase their interest in the discipline which will give them a greater overall academic preparation. Thanks to its features ArtCentrica meets these needs.

Discover ArtCentrica’s features

View details in very high resolution:

All the artworks can be zoomed into to really appreciate the specifics and allow for an in-depth study of the details. It also invites generating a conversation around these themes and the artworks’ points of interest.

Access textual information on the artworks:

Each artwork is presented with a description which includes basic information such as: title, name of the artist, date, materials and technique, collection, and dimensions.

Compare artworks:

By clicking the compare button of two artworks, you can compare them in detail, finding similarities or differences, for example according to an historic period, an artistic movement and more.

Search for similar visual elements to create learning paths:

Teachers can access a series of suggestions related to different topics within artworks. These suggestions are designed to build themed paths to support the teacher creating her/his own lessons.

Make virtual measurements:

After zooming the images you can measure elements within the artworks.

Search by timeline:

Clicking the timeline button you can see how artworks and styles changed over time. The timeline is organized by collection and it gives you a comprehensive presentation of all the artworks.

Access to customized lessons:

The Lessons section shows you a number of default demonstrative lessons that cannot be edited. However, you can create new ones by yourself.

Create lessons with the annotation tool:

You can create your own lessons in a simple and immediate way. Thanks to the annotation tool it is possible to select a detail of an artwork in your lesson using shapes and add a brief text about that detail.

With the annotation tool we help teachers to:

 Provide additional information on details of the artworks;

 Involve students in writing annotations;

 Highlight interdisciplinary links;

 Give a specific bibliography related to a character, a detail, a place represented in an artwork

Remote session:

You can also use ArtCentrica in remote mode. Thanks to the possibility of connecting from different places, teachers can make their own lessons and annotations autonomously, and share it using a single platform.

Virtual Tour

You can create unique narratives that explain art in a highly original and engaging way by combining audio, music, markers and details.

ArtCentrica will be the only platform you will need with your students. This will save you the time needed to search for images and information from different sources, which often leads to a bad result in terms of image quality and interaction.

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