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ArtCentrica provides professors and teachers an innovative tool that can support and improve lessons in a simple and engaging way.
At the same time, it allows students to study Art actively compared to traditional teaching methods.

How we do it?

Giving professors a more effective way to engage with students

Providing a built-in content (visual and text) management tool

Providing a single platform to present and share your own lessons

Building a school based on collaboration between teachers and students


Teach, create lessons, and share information with your students on one innovative platform


Study Art in an interactive way by sharing your knowledge with your Art teacher and classmates

ArtCentrica presents more than 7,000 Artworks including works from Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism up to Contemporary art. You can study masterpieces of the greatest artists from Uffizi Galleries, MET and many more museums.

With ArtCentrica you can:

 view details in very high resolution
 access textual information on the artworks
 compare artworks
 search for similar visual elements to create learning paths
 make virtual measurements
 search by timeline
 access to customized lessons
 create lessons with annotation tool
 interactive map

Become part of our Pilot project

We have developed a free pilot project for schools, institutions and universities!

The goal is to prepare teachers and students for the use of ArtCentrica during Art History classes, with the opportunity for the Institute to adopt it later on a permanent basis as a cutting-edge resource.

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