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More than 1.500 artworks available for a simple and exciting consultation.

Discover Italian Renaissance masterpieces from Uffizi Galleries and more selected work of art from Brera Museum and MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York).
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With ArtCentrica, your imagination becomes reality.

Imagine being able to get up close to every museum artworks. No queues, no crowds, no worries about opening hours: explore every detail, perceive their brush strokes and hidden features. Simply enjoy them.

More than


Meet the masterpieces

Virtually owning and being able to visit world’s most famous museums is an absolute privilege. And even more exclusive is being able to explore the museum’s heritage anytime and with an infinity of learning paths.

Discover Art in details

Through digital images up to 10 GigaPixel resolution, you will be able to discover the smallest details of the artworks, invisible to the naked eye.

Thanks to interactive technology, you can explore the entire museum collection with thematic links and correlations, in just a few gestures.

More than 1.500 high resolution images

ArtCentrica has been enriched with a part of MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) collection, with artworks ranging from 1300s Medieval art to Van Gogh.

Choose your itinerary

Choose your favourite itinerary.

With ArtCentrica, you can explore masterpieces in different ways.

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ArtCentrica is available with annual or multi-annual fee.

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School and University

1.350/ Year
  • Enabling technologies for you and your students
  • Create innovative and immersive learning paths
  • Classroom and remote lessons
  • Involve students in using digital technologies

Research package

80/ Year
  • Explore art like never before with innovative features
  • Search by timeline
  • Zoomable images
  • Thematic consultation paths

Collections / Create your package

80/ Year
  • Create your package by choosing collections
  • The Uffizi Galleries
  • Pinacoteca di Brera
  • Florentine views
  • MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)


ArtCentrica is a precious sharing tool, a bridge connecting different cultures and places.
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