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ArtCentrica EDU is a straightforward, creative, and engaging tool. Through the lens of art, it aims to provide students with essential soft skills to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, as well as to support teachers in their mission to educate in an ever-changing society.
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What is ArtCentrica?

ArtCentrica is an online platform that transforms the learning and teaching of art and the humanities through art. Offering access to over 8,000 high-resolution artworks from museums and galleries around the world, this unique educational tool promotes an interactive and interdisciplinary approach, enabling users to explore artworks in detail, analyze them, and present them in innovative ways. ArtCentrica is designed to enrich the educational experience of students and teachers, supporting the development of soft skills such as critical thinking and creativity through engaging and customizable content.

With a strong focus on experiential and creative education, ArtCentrica aims to serve as a bridge between the global cultural heritage and the new generations.

Why is ArtCentrica’s pedagogy innovative?

ArtCentrica’s approach is innovative for several reasons: with its tools and content, it is the platform of excellence for studying art history in an immersive and comprehensive manner. But that’s not all; we go beyond the study of art history by proposing an interdisciplinary approach that turns art into a journey accessible to everyone, narrating humanity and its ingenuity in a unique and engaging way. Moreover, the ArtCentrica approach aims at developing soft skills interactively in every lesson. Our creation tools for teachers and students focus on the experience, stimulating creativity and digital mastery, preparing for a constantly evolving world. Indeed, we rely on active learning, which allows for the full potential of technology to be leveraged to design one’s own educational or study content. Lessons and presentations are created directly on the platform without the need to use another program, and let’s not forget the fantastic Stories! A tool that allows combining storytelling and emotionality with interactive images linked to one’s own audio, unleashing creativity.
How can I make my lesson more engaging?

ArtCentrica EDU, through its tools, includes and involves all students both in and out of the classroom

Each student can learn and create by unleashing their full potential

artworks in very high resolution

thematic suggestions


search filters

educational content

annotations on artworks

textual information

audio/visual stories

virtual measurements

interactive map

spaces of creation


Are you a teacher?

What are the main benefits in using ArtCentrica in your classroom?

Efficiency and time saving

Support for lesson planning

Improved job satisfaction

Access to educational resources

Are you a student?

What are the main benefits you can achieve through ArtCentrica?

Personal growth

Flexibility and personalisation of learning

Experiential learning

Self-expression and authenticity

Ambassadors What our ambassadors say

The museum is a public educational resource. Just as newspapers have moved from print to tablets, the museum is finding ways to give the public the ability to experience the museum at home, online or at any time. With the ArtCentrica service we improve our global education sector and with the ArtCentrica platform integrated into Brera+ we provide a better educational service from our website.

James M.Bradburne

James M. Bradburne

Brera Museum, Ex General Director

When reproductions of works of art reach such a high level of definition, watching a masterpiece becomes an immersive experience! ArtCentrica images will captivate you with their accuracy and the very high quality that enhances shapes and colors. ArtCentrica offers opportunities to discover many masterpieces and observe them in great detail, becoming a fantastic tool for studying and understanding the wonderful world of Art.

Marcella Parisi

Marcella Parisi

Art History Teacher

I believe that ArtCentrica is an invaluable tool for both students and teachers, offering a simple and immediate user experience. The platform provides the opportunity to view high-resolution works of art in great detail, making even the smallest details visible. Additionally, its features make learning about art enjoyable for students and enable teachers to explore new educational approaches. As a social media art influencer, I find ArtCentrica to be a valuable resource for accessing information and enhancing the quality of content.

Isabelle Giavaresi / Artsinpolaroid

Isabelle Giavaresi

Social Media Marketing Student at Start2impact University| Art Content Creator at Artsinpolaroid


Awards and Accelerator programs

ArtCentrica, member of Edtech Italia, has joined major accelerator programs and has been awarded multiple awards.
Primo Round 2031
Apollo Awards 2022
Global Start Up Program 2022
Digital Innovation in Art 2022
FuturED CDP-H-Farm 2021-2022
Impact EdTech 3rd 2021
Train Digital Tourism Experience 2021
GESA Awards winner 2020 in That's Geography - National Geographic
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