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ArtCentrica for Colegio Giocosa: the students’ project


A few months ago, in conjunction with our participation in the Austin SXSW Fair, we had announced to you the partnership together with Colegio GiocosaComprehensive Institute of Mexico City – to have the platform by the School’s teachers and students. 

The project was carried forward, thanks to the collaboration with Fernando Valenzuela Migoya, who at SXSW itself had shown himself to be particularly enthralled with the platform.

Now, we are happy to be able to share with you the first fruits of this collaboration, as you can see from the photos down below. 

The students of Colegio Giocosa have in fact designed a didactic activity that allowed them to learn Art History while having fun.

A project that positively answers one of the questions we are asked very often by teachers who want to try using ArtCentrica in the classroom, namely, “is it possible to use the platform to bring creative projects to life?”

Returning to Colegio Giocosa, students chose some works on the platform and, after studying them and researching the artists of reference, had fun impersonating the subjects painted in the paintings, on which they then wrote a story.

This was a great job that fills us with joy and makes us continue to believe in the ArtCentrica project.

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