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The platform

With our software ArtCentrica Ad Hoc we develop customized projects according to the type of collection or product that needs promoting.
Through high-resolution digital images and 
interactive access, it is possible to learn information relating to a specific area of interest

ArtCentrica Ad Hoc


We developed ArtCentrica NGS for National Geographic, a virtual experience consisting of photography exhibition, “50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs” powered by ArtCentrica Platform. Thanks to this innovative digital tool, students can learn information about our planet through the photos of great photographers, empathizing with the animals, the Earth and the photographers themselves.

ArtCentrica Ad Hoc

Art & Culture

For the Art & culture sector, we can create digital paths of unique beauty.

ArtCentrica Ad Hoc


Hi-res digital catalogs created with ArtCentrica Platform for Boldrini Filati can be consulted in a simple and immediate way, offering themselves as an effective promotional tool for the Made in Italy sector, presenting products as very works of art.

ArtCentrica Ad Hoc


To relaunch the Tourism sector we have developed the ArtCentrica LIVE function, which allows you to create real virtual Art tours, animated by in-person guides connected from locations all around the world.


We can design a custom-made project that perfectly fits your needs

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