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The Art Institute of Chicago is the second largest museum in the United States. Among its major works, those of the 19th century stand out – with Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Hokusai etc., but there is no shortage of great masterpieces of Classical and Contemporary Art – including Hopper, Rivera, Chagall and many others. 

ArtCentrica provides users with a wide selection of masterpieces from the Art Institute of Chicago, which can now be viewed interactively. Paintings can be zoomed in to minute details, compared with those from other collections in the app, used by teachers to create in-depth lessons on which to annotate details, and so on.

Inside the collections: water in artists’ artworks

In artworks, water is one of the elements rich in symbolism that have most inspired artists of all ages. Through the centuries, water has taken on ever-changing meanings, and has been depicted to evoke suggestions and sensations.

💦 In ancient Egypt, the Nile River was represented as an anthropomorphic figure, as it was considered the “source of the world.”

🏺 In ancient Greece, all waters had divine significance, as they were “born” of the God Ocean.

⛪ During the Middle Ages, water was associated with religion, used in the purification rite of Baptism.

🌊 In the Renaissance, water is the protagonist of profane representations and juxtaposed with subjects such as Narcissus or Botticelli’s most famous Venus.

💫 During the era of Impressionism, water is widely depicted by artists because it served them to capture the play of light in nature.

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