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FutureArt Education: the project of the Regional Council of Tuscany with ArtCentrica and the Art High School of Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino launched

Future Art Education, the project that was born thanks to the contribution of the Regional Council of Tuscany and is the result of the collaboration between ArtCentrica and the Art High School of Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino, was presented at the headquarters of Sesto Fiorentino: the aim is to promote the use of innovative technologies to support teaching.

We have taken the right path by supporting initiatives that help students to be aware citizens of current times.

President of the Regional Council
Antonio Mazzeo

Happy to contribute to the training of students thanks to the continuous support of the teachers. With ArtCentrica we aim to increase digital skills: from the digitization of the works, up to the creation of immersive audiovisual Stories.

CEO & CO-Founder ArtCentrica
Marco Cappellini

Future Art Education is the meeting between technology and art for the benefit of the development of soft skills.

Director of the Regional School Office 
Lorenzo Pierazzi

We would like to thank the headmaster Laura Lozzi and the head of the History of Art department Maria D’Ermoggine

Thanks to ArtCentrica we have gone from an artisanal experimentation to an educational technological innovation capable of giving greater competence to our students and useful both for their entry into the work environment and for their personal training.

School Principal
Laura Lozzi

Responding to the growing need to spread digital skills and develop the soft skills that are necessary for the work environment, ArtCentrica will be active on two fronts:

Museum of Ceramics: the museum space of the Art High School in Sesto will be the starting point for involving students in historical research activities, data collection, digitization and insertion of contents into the platform and through the platform;

ArtCentrica in the classroom: the platform will be available to teachers and students to support teaching.

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